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updated 9-9-99

Cats Don't Dance Danny & Sawyer from Cats Don't Dance

This fantastic drawing came from one of the overlooked jewels of Animation, Cats Don't Dance". I can't say enough good things about this animation. If you haven't seen it, rent it, or buy it. It's really too bad that Turner Feature Animation didn't get a chance to produce any other animations. This animation was colored on computer, so no cels were made, and very few of the drawings were released.

[Bigfoot cover] Homer as bigfoot

Here is a cool little cel I recently got from Van Eaton Galleries. I was looking around and found a stack of new Simpsons cels. This one was on top. What I like about this one is that it is instantly recognizable to most Simpsons fans. That's one of the things I like most about Van Eaton Galleries, every time I go in there, there is someting new, and unusual to see.

[Bart & Lisa Simpson] Bart and Lisa Simpson from ???

I am trying to get this cel on tape. I have every reason to believe that it is from Krusty gets Busted. BUT, It's not there! Fox has apperently edited this cel out to make space for more commercials. If you have a copy of the ORIGINAL Krusty gets Busted, please contact me, I would like to get a copy. Simpsons fans must checkout the Who Shot Mr. Burns page.

Man with pencilsViherjuuri - ad agency's "help wanted" commercial. ANIMATED BY ANI-MATO J-E NYSTROM - COPYRIGHT VIHERJUURI/FINLAND

If this image don't look familiar to you, you are probably not from Finland. This cel were created by Jan-Eric Nyström, a very talented animator and (I assume) computer programmer from Finland. He contacted me in November, about my animation page, and I was able to talk him out of a few examples of his work. He has been animating for many years and has created many ways of making his job easier. He also has an animation art collection of his own including personalized sketches from some of Disney's top animators. I am envious. All of this and more can be seen at his web site. Two more examples of his work can be seen on our Art of TV Commercials page.

[Woody Woodpecker] Woody Woodpecker Limited Edition Hand Painted Cel

Most of the cels in my collection are unique pieces of art. They are each a one of a kind painting, that has been seen by millions of people in movies or on TV. This cel is different. Several hundred exactly like it were made and signed by Walter Lantz specifically to be sold to collectors. Normaly I don't collect limited edition cels, but this one was a good buy and had a signature I wanted.

[Helen ]Helen Nables from Stay Tuned

This was my first piece signed by a director. Chuck Jones has always been, and will always be, my favorite Warner Brothers Director. This cel was from the movie Stay Tuned. Part of the movie takes place in a cartoon. This is Helen Nabels (Pam Dawber) who seams to be upset, after discovering that she has been turned into a cartoon mouse.

[Pink Panther] The Pink Panther from an unknown cartoon

This cel, and the pencil sketch you can see behind it, were signed by Friz Freling. Signatures do make a cel more valuable, but usually only a little bit. I wouldn't have bought this cel with out Friz's signature, but I wouldn't have paid much more for it either.

[Dennis the Menace] Dennis the Menace

I ran across this cel and liked it. I know that it is from Tail of the Dog, made in 1971. If you can add anything to that, please E-mail me.

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