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updated 9-9-99

Gertie the Dinosaur

"Gertie the Dinosaur" - The Worlds First Cartoon Star. Winsor McCay 1914

This Original Production Drawing is from the very first cartoon. Winsor McCay created many of the earliest animations. His "Gertie the Dinosaur" stands out for the simple fact that its star, Gertie, has a personality. Never before had an animated character demonstrated such life like emotions. This drawing is one of only about 300, of the orginal 10,000 known to exist. Since transparent CEL's hadn't been invented yet, each drawing includes the complete background.

Gertie the Dinosaur

"Gertie the Dinosaur" - The Worlds First Cartoon Star. Winsor McCay 1914

This was our first Gertie. It and the Jurassic Park pieces below came from Van Eaton Galleries.

Jurassic Park cels

Cels from the Animated sequence of Jurassic Park

The cels that form the top and bottom of this image are from the animated sequence of Jurassic Park. The center is a small poster I got at the movie's premier. I framed the three of them in reverse of the configuration you see here. The image on top is Mr. DNA, who tells the visitors to jurassic park, how a dinosaur is made. The lower image is of a dinosaur and the mosquito that sucked it's blood.

[George Jetson] George Jetson from The Jetson's Movie

If you look closely at this cel you will see that it has been signed by Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera. Several of my cels are signed by the animators or voice actors who did the character. Some signatures are quite valuable. Galleries often have signings where you can have a cel personalized to you from the animator or actor.

[Jerry, from Tom & Jerry] Jerry from an unknown Tom and Jerry short.

This cel is special because of it's background. Most cels come with either no background, or a color photo of the original background. Very few cels are like this one, and come with the actual original background. Only one other in my collection has the original production background. I know very little about this cel except that it is Jerry, done by MGM studios, probably in the 60's. If you recognize this cel or have any additional information please e-mail me.
I got an E-mail from someone who recognized this cel... That cel, originally from my collection, was apparently done from drawings by Chuck Jones for MGM in 1965(?). I have forgotten which cartoon it is from... I think it was "Ah--Sweet Mouse Story of Life."
Thanks, Bob.
After writing the above comment, I bought "Ah--Sweet Mouse Story of Life" on Laser Disc. Alas, this cel was not on any of the cartoons on the three disc set. Back to square one...

[Templeton from Charlotte's Web] Templeton from Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web was produced by Hanna-Barbera.

[Johnny Bravo] Johnny Bravo and the gang from Scooby Doo

Sorry Scooby Doo fans, I bought this cel because it had Johhny Bravo in it. (Alright, I did secretly want a cel from Scooby Doo, too.) Hanna-Barbera has been producing a lot of new cartoons series lately. Some of them, such as Johnny Bravo, are very creative and funny. An example of that was this episode, that poked fun at, and costared... well, you know.

[Opus & Bill]Opus & Bill-the-cat from A Wish for Wings that Work

What can I say? I am a huge Opus fan. I had to get a cel from A Wish for Wings that Work.Also note that it is signed by Berke Breathed (rhymes with Method). A Wish for Wings that Work is very well done, if you haven't seen it I highly recommend it.

[Tarnaa from Heavy Metal] Tarnaa from Heavy Metal on an original, pan, production, background.

Original backgrounds are rare, (and expencive). Pan backgrounds are ever rarer. This cel took three scans to get it into the computer, it's more than 20 inches wide. This cel is from one of my favorite scenes in the entire movie. I was very fortunate to find this setup at an auction, and even more fortunate to get it a "reasonable" price.

[Pacific pearl from Heavy Metal] Pacific Pearl from Heavy Metal

This is the B-17 bomber, Pacific Pearl, from the movie Heavy Metal. I had been searching for a year or two for a nice cel of this airplane, and finally found this one.

[Heavy Metal] Tarnaa and Bird from Heavy Metal

This cel has the original matching background with it..

[Heavy Metal] Tarnaa and Bird from Heavy Metal

This film has finally been released on tape and laser disc.

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