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updated 6-14-98

Quik's Bunny1

Nestles Quik's Bunny 1

I don't think I have ever seen the commercial that this cel is from. When I first spotted this cel, I had to wonder, is it 3am, and Bunny is crashing down the back side of an 18 hour, chocolate induced, sugar high? :)

Quik's Bunny2 Nestles Quik's Bunny 2

Quik's Bunny3 Nestles Quik's Bunny 3 These three cels were a very good buy from the ASIFA - Hollywood store. ASIFA is NOT an animation gallery, it's an international animation orginazation. ASIFA sells donated cels as a fund raiser, and has the best prices for commercial cels you will ever find. ASIFA main focus is animators and the animation industry. If you are considering a career in the animation industry, ASIFA is where you should start. I highly recomend visiting them if you are a real animation fan.

Der Wienerschnitzel Dog Der Wienerschnitzel Dog & cool production sketch. Not a bad cel and drawing for $20, to bad it cost me about 4 times that to frame it!

[Wile E. Coyote] Wile E. Coyote

This cel is from the beginning of an Energizer battery ad.

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