The Art of Disney Up to 1969

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[pongo] PONGO from Disney's 101 Dalmatians.

This is one of my best (most collectable) Cels. A CEL (short for CELLULOSE) is the term used for the clear plastic that the image is painted on. Cels come in many different types. Most of my cels, like this one, are original production. That mean the this piece of plastic and paint was actually used by the studio to produce the film. Disney animation fans should look in the Disney News Group

[Pencil sketch of Mickey Mouse] Pencil sketch of Mickey Mouse from Mickey and the Bean Stalk.

This animation was originaly called The Legend of Happy Valley. This is my first pencil sketch. This is what a frame of a cartoon looks like before the lines are transfered to the plastic sheet.

[Jimminy Cricket] Jimminy Cricket from an unknown Disney animation Circa. 1960

[Goliath II ] Goliath II

Goliath II, a rare Disney cartoon about a 6 inch tall elephant. If you know where I can find a copy of this cartoon on video tape, please contact me.

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