The Art of Pete Docter
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All of the cels on this page came from Pete Docter. He is now working at Pixar, where his latest accomplishments include being Supervising Animator for Disney's Toy Story

[Sigmund and Palm)] Sigmund discovers the palm in Palm Springs

This is from a great short done by Pete Docter. Note: this cel was personalized to me, by Pete. This can sometimes make a cel worth more money, however, I don't plan on ever selling this cel. Unfortunately, Palm Springs is not widely available on tape. BUT, Pete gave me permission to put part of it on my page. If you would like to be the first (only?) person on your block to see this animation (.AVI) just click on Palm Springs. (3.644 Meg, zipped)

[Palm Springs] Sigmund tries out the tree

As you can see, the animation style is very rough. This was the style the Pete chose to use, it works well for this short.

[Next Door] The Man in Next Door

This cel is from Next Door. A Pete Docter Animation about two completely incompatible neighbors. This man is very scheduled. Here he checks his watch before sitting down to watch TV. This animation is available commercially on video tape, and has been shown at many local animation festivals.

[Next Door] The girl in Next Door

This cel is also from Next Door. Pete got a young girl to do the voice of this character by having her tell stories while he recorded them. The result is charming and spontaneous. She is completely unlike the man, until it is discovered that they have one thing in common. This Animation is Pete's personal favorite. If you see this Animation, check the credits, it almost wasn't made.

[Winter] The young boy in Winter

Note the subtle colors in these two cels. (sorry, they look better in person) Pete hand colored each frame on paper with colored pencils, and then cut out the characters, and glued them to the cel. He was looking for a subtle, soft look for this animation. The sound track has no voices, the story is told with a single piano. This delightful story is simply about a boy wanting to go outside and play in the snow. Here he has discovered that it is snowing outside.

[Winter] The young boy in Winter

After getting all bundled up by his mother, the boy has found that he is unable to move! This animation is also available on video tape. It was critically acclaimed at the local animation festival where I first saw it, and met Pete Docter & John Lasseter.

If you are interested in any of these animations, please E-mail me, and I will forward your message to Pete Docter.

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