Art of Commercials Part II
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updated 6-18-98

Trix Rabbit

The Trix Rabbit

I had been looking for a trix cel for a few years without luck. As I was leaving Van Eaton Galleries recently, Mike, (the owner) casualy mentioned that he had just gotten more comercial cels and asked if there were any I was interested in. I said I had been looking unsuccessfully for a trix rabbit. Without another word, he produced a stack of Trix cels, scetches and other art work that was several inches thick. I sifted through the stack and found that there were several matching sets of cel, drawing, and key frame scetckes.

Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell (from an Eastern Airlines TV Commercial)

This Cel is signed by Marc Davis the animator that created Tinker Bell, even though he almost certainly had nothing to do with this advertisement.

Man with pencils

Viherjuuri - ad agency's "help wanted" commercial. ANIMATED BY ANI-MATO J-E NYSTROM - COPYRIGHT VIHERJUURI/FINLAND

If these next three images don't look familiar to you, you are probably not from Finland. These are cels were created by Jan-Eric Nyström, a very talented animator and (I assume) computer programmer from Finland. He contacted me in November, about my animation page, and I was able to talk him out of a few examples of his work. He has been animating for many years and has created many ways of making his job easier. He also has an animation art collection of his own including personalized sketches from some of Disney's top animators. I am envious. All of this and more can be seen at his web site.

Paper drawing of man & car

Masinol - Commercial for car antifreeze. ANIMATED BY ANI-MATO J-E NYSTROM - COPYRIGHT OY ALKO AB/FINLAND



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