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[The Whole Tiny Toons Gang]

The Whole Tiny Toons Gang

This colorful cel is from "Tiny Toons Night Ghoulery, Halloween Special". I had been looking for a cel of the whole Tiny Toons Gang. After seeing several, I decided I liked this one the best because of the large expressions on their faces. I already have nice solo cels of Buster & Babs so I didnít mind the fact that they are in the back. This Cel is also from my favorite offshore animation studio used by Warner Brothers, TMS. (You can tell by subtle drawing clues). For a comparison of the styles of the different studios, and other Tiny Toons information & links, check out Stefan Duetzer's Tiny Toons Page.


Furball as a "Ghost-Buster"

This cel is from "Tiny Toons Night Ghoulery, Halloween Special". This cel does not really capture Furball's true nature as a born looser. Most of the time Furball is the victim, not the aggressor. I don't normally collect cels with characters so far "out of character" but I really liked this cel. Furball's confidence is short lived though, in the next scene, he barbecues himself to death with that ray-gun. Hey, what did you expect, it was a Halloween special.

[Two Tone Town]

Buster,Babs, Foxy, Roxy, & Goopy Gear from Two Tone Town

This Episode from Tiny Toons guest stared three of Warner Brothers (actually, Leon Schlesinger productions at that time) earliest characters. In the very early 30's, Foxy was as flagrant a rip-off of Mickey Mouse as the studio could get away with.The only differences were the slight points on the ears, and a bushy tail. Although drawn slightly different here, you can still see the similarities. (Click to see Foxy as he appeared in Smile Darn, Darn Ya, Smile! -1931) The other two characters are Roxy (unnamed in the thirties) and Goopy Gear (click to see Goopy Gear as he appeared in The Queen was in the Parlor -1932). Character copying was very common back then. Mickey was a take off of Oswald the lucky rabbit, who was himself a takeoff of Felix the cat. Gallery people will ask you about any specific art you might be interested in, I've told several different galleries that I wanted this cel. Then I waited for years for this particular one to come up for sale, but it's proof that you can sometimes get the exact piece your looking for.

[Babs (and Buster)]

Babs Bunny from How I Spent My Vacation

[Babs Bunny]

Babs Bunny from How I Spent My Vacation

"Wellllll, a shack full of fireworks. Isn't that con-VEN-ient."

[Buster Bunny]

Buster Bunny from Tiny Toon Adventures

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